Sunday, January 10, 2010

Poll: Brand Value vs Role Relevance

Hi all,
We come across this choice at one or later point in our (experienced) professional lives:
Brand recognition of the organization OR Kind of role to perform.
Over the years, I have observed that the resources (people) don't give much consideration deciding on this. Most of those (I knew, personally and through others) gave preference to the 'brand name' before considering the 'role relevance'. The idea of gaining value on CV from the brand name of organization monopolies over the scope of learning, quality of work, & more importantly following one's passion. Of course, this is just my observation based on past few years and a HR person could better complement or debate it in present standings.

Nevertheless, I wanted to see what choice you may make. Hence this poll.
Would you rather stick to an organization who has a strong brand value but which offers you a mix of work responsibilities that may or may NOT be related to your core expertise?
Would you go ahead with any decent organization which may not be as glamorous as the former but successfully gives you a definite, clearly-defined role in your core domain(s)?

What do I think? I believe in and pursue what I am passionate about. I prefer to do things who'd push me to learn stuff every day; be it reading new vulnerabilities, exploits or new papers on bot design. I love doing it & I learn along the way.

When we make our passion -> our work, success, money & every thing else will follow automatically. 

Therefore, though brand names are important, for such organizations have good processes, training opportunities, number of projects etc., if they do not offer roles facilitating one's career vision, they wouldn't matter much.

I will chose quality work over a 'role soup' any day. But that's just me :)

The poll is on the left-hand sidebar of this blog. Please participate in this poll & share your opinions though post comments. It would be great to know if the trend has changed in recent years...

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